The KING in King

Today we celebrate the life of one of the world’s most profound leaders, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. King wore many hats: pastor, activist, humanitarian, and leader in the Civil Rights Movement. But what many of us forget to mention is that he was first and foremost a Child of the KING.

Martin Luther King, Jr. wasn’t some ordinary leader. He wasn’t simply someone with a passion for people, or even just a man that hated being treated unfairly. He was a vessel. God chose King to do His work and to show the world who the KING really is through his fight, his courage, his knowledge, his wisdom, his sound judgment, his love for all, his willingness to serve, his teaching, his preaching, etc.

God gave King a huge task, and with perseverance and persistence he accomplished it. It took years of beating, crying, fighting, and even his life, but he did it. Look at where we are now. Imagine if King decided that the task was too big, that he wanted to quit. Imagine if he said, “God, let somebody else do this…God I give up.” Imagine that.

Often times we get so caught up in “God this is too much for me” that we miss out on impacting this world, changing lives. We get so used to other people taking the lead and tackling our issues, that we sit and become complacent with the problems that we face. The only reason why King is so popular today, the only reason he can wear so many hats, the only reason that we now live in a world where I have Mexican cousins and white best friends, is not simply because of what King did, but because (at such a young age) King answered the call of the KING.

Whether it be at 5 or fifty, I challenge you Queens and Kings to answer His call. Will you?

“If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way” –Martin Luther King, Jr.


Act like a Lady, Think like a Queen



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